Swiss Go Association

Schweizer Go Verband - Fédération Suisse de Go - Federazione Svizzera di Go

Since 1996 there is an official rating for all swiss players

Guidelines for Swiss Rating and Ranking

Below 5 Kyu all players are free to set their rank as they feel it is right. For example a 20 Kyu who has improved substantially can move his rank to 15 Kyu or even to 10 Kyu at once. Of course a player should check himself if he has balanced games with players of the same rank or according to the handicap stones against stronger players.

From 5 Kyu and stronger there are restrictions in moving up. A player can not jump more than one rank between tournaments. The reason is that the official rating is reset if a player jumps more than one rank. The guideline for ranking up should be the rating points from the European Rating List. A player who doesn't reach the necessary rating points for a higher rank should not claim a higher rank until he has reached the necessary points.

Here the Rating - Rank table
2500 +/-50 = 5Dan
2400 +/-50 = 4Dan
2300 +/-50 = 3Dan
2200 +/-50 = 2Dan
2100 +/-50 = 1Dan
2000 +/-50 = 1kyu
1900 +/-50 = 2kyu
1800 +/-50 = 3kyu
1700 +/-50 = 4kyu
1600 +/-50 = 5kyu

Moving down? If a player has constantly bad results in tournaments an his rating points drop more then 100 points below the minimum he should rank himself down, e.g. a 1 dan that drops below 1950 GoR should play as 1 Kyu or even 2 Kyu again.

Exceptions: A player that has improved very quickly can be ranked through a strong Swiss player preferably a boardmember of the Swiss Go Association.

In Short:

You want to move up faster in ranks because of whatever reason!? Then it is your duty to get an approval of a strong swiss go player and inform the organizer of the next tournament about it.


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