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This is the homepage of the Swiss Go Association. Go 囲碁 is an asiatic board game. In Korea the game is called baduk 바둑, in China weiqi 圍棋. For more information about this game take a look at our Info Page.

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Lausanne: Ishi Go Cup 2016

It was historical, 56 players - been a long time since we had that many. We had the opportunity to welcome top Europeans players, the level has never been higher (top bar was at 5D!)...
We've witnessed high-stakes games, played ferociously, baby-foot and ping-pong matches, also played ferociously, and we had a lot of fun (and some beers)!
The weather was perfect, with full sun and blue sky, the free accommodation was "better than expected", even our market prices were found to be "ok".
The 1'000 CHF first prize was won by an ex-yunguseng on holiday, and the first European is Cristian Pop at the 3rd place!
Thanks you Victor Aubelle for organizing it and for your flexibility! This gave us a lot of motivation, and we will probably make this tournament a regular AWESOME one... We already have a lot of ideas on how to improve it even more :)
EGD, Photos: 1, 2

17ème Active Go

Le 17ème Active Go a eu lieu le 14 février au restaurant le Lin Xiang à Genève. C'est un tournoi spécial, 20 minutes sans byo-yomi et avec handicap organisé par le Ko Go Club.  Wang Jie nous a préparé des plats succulents et tout le monde était enchanté.  Guillaume Lob a remporté la 1ère place devant Armel-David Wolff pour qui c'était la 17ème participation!  Benoît Felix complète ce triplé du Ko Go Club. Mathias Haefliger a été le meilleur jeune (plusieurs participants avaient moins de 12 ans), et a montré déjà de belles choses. Un grand merci à Sandra, Jeremy et Wang sans qui rien ne serait possible. Résultats, Photos

Tournoi de La Chaux-de-Fonds

Pour la troisième année consécutive, quinze joueurs ont eu la bonne idée de goûter à l'air frais et convivial des Montagnes Neuchâteloises à l'occasion de la Coupe Patrice Gosteli. Armel-David nous a fait l'honneur de sa présence, et bien lui en a pris, puisque non seulement il repart avec les honneurs de la victoire, mais surtout il passe pour la deuxième fois la barre mythique des 2'400 points ! Soulignons aussi la belle performance de Lorenz, à qui l'ambiance chaux-de-fonnière réussit décidément bien, puisqu'il arrache la troisième place à un Thibault fraîchement honoré du titre de docteur es mathématiques. Comme toujours, André s'est plié en quatre pour nous concocter des mets délicieux, sans lesquels le tournoi n'aurait assurément pas la même saveur. Merci à tous ceux qui ont participé au bon déroulement de cet événement ! Nous espérons pouvoir pérenniser cette tradition ; pour cela, venez nombreux l'an prochain ! :-) EGD

Pandanet Go Team Championship: Swiss team stays in league B

This season Pandanet Go European Team Championship has come to an end. The swiss team finished before last in the league B, and had to play the relegation match against South Africa. On the paper, it looked like a very difficult task, as the South African players all had better rating than the player facing them on our side. But it all started very well, as Benoît took home very quickly our first point. South Africa equalized, as Victor Guang Chow (7D) won against John on board one. But it would remain their only win, as Flavien and Félicien could both defeat their opponent. On the last board, problems with connections made the situation confused (both players saw that it was the opponent's turn...), but as it would not change the result of the match, South Africa didn't opposed the loss on time for them that finally occured.
With this nice 4-1 victory, Switzerland will remain in the league B. Many thanks to all the players who played during the season. Armel-David will be eligible to play from now on, so we will be back stronger. Let's hope for great results next year!

Xiao Chunyang won Ko Go Club-Veyrier 2015

Xiao Chunyang from Grenoble won Ko Go Club-Veyrier 2015
Semi Lee and Chen Longteng were second and third.
Un grand meri au club de Bridge des Bergues pour leur accueil et repas, à Sandra, Jeremy, Tetsuo et Jean-Marc pour l'organisation, à In-Seong Hwang pour son merveilleux enseignement, tout à l'air si simple! et au 24 participants. Photos. EGD ADW

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IGC 2016
IGC 2016
IGC 2016
Championnats Suisses 2011 Zermatt village
European Go Congress 2012 at Bonn Pierre Audouard
Open IGC 2014
Go Club Geneva P1010075
Solothurn 2010
Championnats Suisses 2010

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Tournoi 9x9, Parc des Bastions

Samedi 14 mai 2016, dès 14h30
Tournoi pour débutants, ouvert à tous (les non-débutants aussi) !
Rendez-vous dès 13h pour des initiations.
Inscriptions pour le tournoi dès 14h30 ou par mail à :
Annulé en cas de pluie.

Swiss Open Go Championship 2016

20. - 22. Mai 2016
In a wonderful house in Weggis
5 Rounds MacMahon
Opening on Friday evening
In-Seong will accompany this tournament

16th Japanimanganight

27-29 Mai 2016 Davos
We'll have a full room full of go boards!
Like last year we will try to teach the rules to as many manga / animée fans as possible!!

Tournoi de La Chaux-de-Fonds

Coupe Patrice Gosteli
15 et 16 octobre
à la loge de la sombaille comme l'année dernière.

17. Winterthurer Samstagsturnier (Sa., 5. Nov. 2016)

2016 findet das Winterthurer Samstagsturnier wieder im November statt.
Das eintägige Turnier zählt als Europäisches Klass B-Rating (75%).

European Tournament Calendar

Some upcoming tournaments & events in Europe. The major tournaments are on the EGF Tournament Calendar.

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Atelier de Go de l'Université de Genève

Septembre 2012 : L'objectif de l'Atelier Jeu de Go de l'Université de Genève est de découvrir et d'apprendre le Go pour les débutants, et de se perfectionner et de pratiquer dans la bonne humeur pour les initiés. Tous les lundis à Uni Mail en salle S040. Cours (60.- / semestre) : 18h15-19h. Jeu libre (gratuit) : 19-20h.

Yunguseng Dojang

In the online school the students gather once a week in the eve­ning to play a game for the league. After the game is played Hwang In-seong joins the room and re­views some of the games. He has years of teaching ex­peri­ence and is him­self a very strong player. At the end of the month 2 players from each league move up to the higher league and 2 move down to the lower league. Sounds very com­peti­tive but it's mainly to make people play lots of and serious games. 3 eve­nings each month In-Seong gives a lecture to inspire the partici­pants to try out new things. Invitation Letter, Register

Atelier hébdomadaire de Go à Genève

- Entrée libre et sans frais - Alternativement au Veyrier Go Club (mercredi) et à l'Ecole lémanique du Go (jeudi) - Contact : Tetsuo Nakajo / / tél. 076-433.02.88 - au Veyrier Go Club de 20 :00 à 22 :00 le mercredi, toutes les 2 semaines : les 10 et 24 mars, 14(extra) et 21 avril, ainsi de suite - l'atelier de go de l'Université de Genève, tous les lundis de 18h15 à 20h, à Uni Mail salle S040, avec cours et jeu libre.

Ascona Go Seminar with Li Yue 5D

21-22 April 2016
Middle game strategy + PRO games explanation
AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol match analysis with Li Yue 5D
Roberto Morrison / +41 78 658 66 73
Prepare for the week-end tournament, train for the upcoming Swiss Go Championship, enjoy!

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European Pair Go Championship 2016

The European Pair Go Championship has already began! It is taking place in the big hotel Santon in Brno, Check Republic. The organizers prepared a nice surprise for official pair.

Europe has new youth champions!

European Youth Go Championship was held this week-end (from March 25 to 27, 2016) in Subotica-Palińá, the north of Serbia. 130 European children from 17 countries were fighting in three categories: under 12, under 16 and under 20. This big tourname...

Highlights of five games between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol - By Zhao Ba...

Zhao BaoLong 2p is very kind to share his study with us...

Tournoi 2016

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