IGF code of conduct

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This code of conduct for participants in IGF competition has been approved by the board of directors' meeting on October 18, 2010.

Fair play

While playing games, players shall be expected to observe not only the formal rules of the tournament but also the spirit of fair play and co-operation with the organisers. Examples of behaviour which is not condoned include:
  • being tardy or unnecessarily delaying the start of games;
  • obstructing the opponent's view of the board;
  • engaging in annoying or distracting behaviour;
  • talking with other players engaged in play;
  • seeking external advice in any form while the game is in progress;
  • deliberately losing a game in order to advantage another player.
If a dispute arises, players should accept the referee's decision without challenge or rancour. Any appeal against the referee's decision should be made to the Chief Referee or Tournament Disputes Committee after the game.

General behaviour

Throughout the tournament, participants shall behave with courtesy and respect to other players and officials, and conform to the usual standards of decent behaviour and the social customs and conventions of the host nation.


Complaints about the behaviour of a participant may be made to any Director of the IGF. If the complaint is found to be justified and the Board is of the opinion that an apology is insufficient, the Board may apply a sanction.


Infringements of the Code of Conduct may result in the Board of the IGF issuing a warning, verbal or written, to the player, with a letter sent to the player's National Association. Repeated infringements at one or more events, or a single infringement of a serious nature, or failure to pass an authorised drug test, or a breach of the laws of the host nation, may at the discretion of the Board result in the disqualification of the player from the current tournament, or from future IGF events for a set period or for life.


Any appeal against a penalty imposed by the Board must be made by the player's National Association in writing to the President of the IGF.


This Code shall be attached to the Entry Form for IGF events, and entrants must signify their acceptance of the Code.